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Curaçao is one of the most popular destinations to do an internship among students and especially Dutch students. This has to do with the fact that Dutch is spoken, which makes it easy to work as an intern at companies. In addition, you have sun, sea and beach on Curaçao, which makes it very attractive. The nice thing about Curaçao is that students are taken into account, so there are fun parties almost every night. But what else do you need to know if you are going to do an internship on Curaçao?

In addition to being relaxed, it is also the intention to learn something! Due to the international character of the companies here on Curaçao, you can learn a lot during your internship. It is important before you do an internship on Curaçao that you arrange the right documents, internship location, accommodation and transport. To make sure everything is arranged properly, you can contact CuraStage. CuraStage ensures that everything is arranged from A to Z and will consult with you to find a suitable internship. There is nothing better than starting this super fun adventure prepared!

Who is CuraStage?

CuraStage is a mediation agency on Curaçao that assists young people in finding an internship or workplace. They can arrange everything for you so that you are well prepared for Curaçao. When departing for a longer period of time to Curaçao, there are a few things to consider, such as permits, insurance, housing and transport. Because CuraStage is also located on Curaçao, they are close to the ball and therefore know that what they arrange is good and reliable. In addition, they always consult well with you about what you want and what the possibilities are.

Working on Curaçao

Do you have a gap year or have you finished your studies and do you want to work abroad? Hopi nice! Working on Curaçao is a good challenge that looks good on your CV. You end up in a different culture, get to know new people with different backgrounds and develop yourself in the workplace. Also at the looking for a nice job, the right papers to be allowed to work, housing and transport can be arranged at CuraStage. They have many contacts with companies that are looking for young people who are still full of energy and who want to get a taste of business in Curaçao. Do you want to work on Curaçao? Then register at CuraStage and they will get to work for you!

Volunteer on Curaçao

Do you want to work for people and nature on Curaçao through volunteer work? Of course, not everything is sweet on Curaçao and there are also target groups that could use extra help. There are many foundations that are looking for volunteers through CuraStage and we are happy to put you in touch with a foundation. So, for example, do you have a gap year or a few weeks off and do you want to do something good for your fellow man and animal? Then we only encourage you to come to Curaçao for volunteer work and you will feel satisfied with what the volunteers achieve here.

Internship vacancies on Curaçao

The largest target group of young people who come to Curaçao will do an internship. Super fun of course because the island lends itself to a great time. Because many students want to do an internship here, it is difficult to find good internship vacancies on Curaçao to find. Rest assured, because CuraStage has many contracts with companies, so that there is always a suitable internship in Curaçao for you. You can already view a number of internship vacancies on the CuraStage website. Do you want to know whether CuraStage can arrange a nice internship for you on Curaçao? Then register on their website!

Do you want to do an internship or work in Curaçao? Make sure there are no surprises and switch CuraStage in!





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