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The underwater world of Curaçao: Snorkeling

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In addition to the many activities you can do on land, Curaçao also has a great underwater world that you can discover! Azure blue water, beautiful fish and it is even possible to swim with turtles. Do you want to alternate your days at the beach with something new? Then this blog about snorkeling on Curaçao is for you!

Snorkeling in Curaçao

On an adventure yourself? You can easily buy one at all beaches snorkel take it with you to take a look underwater. You do not need a diving license for this and it is suitable for young and old! Yet there is more to see at one beach than at the other beach. So where is the best place to snorkel on Curaçao? Fun Places lists the most beautiful snorkeling spots for you!

Playa Porto Mari

Playa Porto mari met varkens op het strand
Playa Porto Mari

Playa Porto Marie is about half an hour's drive from the center of Willemstad. The beach offers all amenities suitable for a fun day out. It is a fairly large beach with a beautiful viewpoint from where you can clearly see how white the beach is and how blue the sea is! Read more about the beach here Playa porto Marie, this blog is of course about what there is to stay in the sea. From the beach into the sea, you will soon come across coral with lots of fish swimming around it. There is a large area where you can snorkel, so you will not get bored! On the left side of the sea are many fish hiding in the shadow of the cliffs, can you spot them?

Fun fact: Playa Porto Marie is known for the domestic pigs that walk on and around the beach. They live there freely and will not always be visible, but when they are there it is very nice for a funny picture to show at home!

Tug boat beach

Tugboat Beach

For a special snorkeling experience Tugboat Beach the perfect place! The name says it all, at Tugboat Beach you can see an old tugboat about 5 meters underwater. The boat is now home to all kinds of different fish and aquatic animals. Because the boat accidentally sank about 30 years ago, it is now full of coral. Everything is clearly visible through the clear water. It is also possible to dive at Tugboat beach.

Fun fact: The fish are now used to people coming to snorkel and dive and will therefore not immediately swim away from you!

Playa Lagun

Playa Lagun

For a small quiet beach but a moving underwater world, the sea is there Playa Lagun the ideal place for snorkeling! Playa Lagun is surrounded by cliffs, which gives the beach a magical appearance. As beautiful as it is above water, it is also underwater! There are many colorful fish to see here that make this a unique snorkeling experience.

Fun fact: Playa Lagun is one of the best places on the island to spot turtles and even seahorses!

Playa Grandi

Playa Grandi

Playa Grandi does not have the most beautiful beach on the island to relax, but is definitely worth snorkeling! So what makes Playa Grandi so special? Those are the turtles! Because fishermen bring in their catch here and throw fish remains into the sea, turtles come to it. Playa Grandi is located all the way on the West Point of the island, so it can be a bit of a drive for many people, but then you have a special experience in your pocket!

Cas Abou

Cas Abou

Do you want to see a nice batch of rocks with different shapes that can be recognized? This can be found at the beautiful paradise beach Cas Abou. The beach is not only a pleasure for the eye above water. Also discover the beautiful underwater world of Cas Abou. In the clear water along the white beach, many different types of fish can be seen. The sea quickly gets a lot deeper from the beach, but to really spot the fish you have to swim a bit.

Nice to know: Most aquatic animals can be spotted along the rocks.

Are you now eager to discover the underwater world of Curaçao? Rent easily during your stay snorkel sets at Fun Places! Tired of snorkeling? Also rent one cool box and BBQ for a well-deserved snack and drink.





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