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Prices snorkeling on Curaçao

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Snorkeling costs on Curaçao

From the plane you can already admire the azure blue sea of Curaçao. Then you have landed and it is finally time to discover the beautiful beaches of the island yourself. Because of the many beaches and clear water, Curaçao is a real snorkeling paradise.

But what are the prices of snorkeling in Curacao? You can bring your own snorkel to any beach or rent it from Fun Curaçao for snorkeling. This is completely free! Snorkeling is a simple and fun way to discover the underwater world of Curaçao. 

Possible prices of snorkeling along the beaches on Curaçao can be the entrance and / or a lounger of a beach. look at all the beaches to see the rates per beach.

Snorkeling tours

A day of snorkeling with a guide is also possible! There are several snorkeling tours you can choose from. The prices of the tours will differ per provider. The nice thing about a tour is that you discover all different places in 1 day and get more information about it. 

Most beautiful snorkeling spots on Curaçao

Blauwe kamer op Curacao
The Blue Room

Being one of the most beautiful snorkeling spots in Curaçao the Blue Room, Playa Porto Mari and Playa Laguna. 

The Blue Room is a cave that you can only enter by swimming under a rock. The sunlight falls in a certain way so that the water seems to give light.

Playa Porto Mari has a large area for snorkeling with all different types of fish and coral. It is also a nice beach to lie on all day. 

Playa Lagun is a beautiful little beach with two high cliffs that line the lagoon. This is a breathtaking place above and underwater.  

Do you also feel like snorkeling on Curaçao and are you curious about what happens below sea level? Save space in your suitcase and rent a snorkel for the duration of your stay!

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